"'Tis true, that in our time many great creatures have fallen, but it is also true that there are many more lying in wait..."

Common Beasts - PeacefulEdit


These creatures are very common in Drakeheart, and are kept for their milk, beef and leather. In the West Falls, cattle farms are very common, and the armor in the region tends to be made of the finest leathers.


These creatures are kept in paddocks across the land of Drakeheart. They are used for their wool, and in some areas, sheep milk is a delicacy.


Pigs are an excellent source of meat, and are found throughout the plains and forests in Drakeheart. Pigs breed fast, and can keep a town living for weeks.


Chickens are the main source of feathers, which are used in the arrows that people use. Their meat is also a delicacy in many parts of Drakeheart, especially roasted with various herbs.

Forest WolvesEdit

These creatures are peaceful upon first sight, but if you attack one, the whole pack will come to its defense. They can be tamed, and serve as great companions.

Jungle CatsEdit

Jungle Cats are cute and annoying at the same time. They are commonly kept as house pets, and are also good for scaring off Abominations.

Common Beasts - DangerousEdit

Forest SpiderEdit

These beasts tend to stalk the forests of Drakeheart at night time, preying upon the unwary travelers that tend to wander too deep into the unknown. They have a weakness to fire, but will do anything to survive if cornered.

Giant SpiderEdit

Thankfully rare, these beasts can be found within ancient ruins or large natural caves. They tend to be very deadly, but giant spider fangs are very valuable, with uses such as weapon hilts, or dagger blades.

Cave SpiderEdit

Smaller than their Forest Spider cousins, these beasts are deadly in their own rights. Their fangs hold a deadly poison, which can stun or weaken any enemy they come across. They tend to hunt in groups, stalking the caves that they make their home in.

Frost WolfEdit

These lumbering beasts will kill whatever wanders into their habitats. They are deadly, and are best avoided.


Foul creatures made of fetid liquid and bones of slain mortals, these creatures are alive solely to consume. They can grow to extreme sizes if they are allowed to consume enough life-mass, and can prove to be a problem. Keep your distance from these creatures, lest you become their next meal.

Creatures - LesserEdit

Risen DeadEdit

These are the dead residents of Drakeheart, who have fallen in wars, or succumbed to old age. They are affected by the curse of Undeath, which was released upon the world by necromatic magics. They are fairly strong in close range, but un-able to take people out from afar.

Skeletal ArchersEdit

These are the more ancient dead, too fragile to enter close combat. They prefer to wield old bows and crossbows, taking out their prey from afar.


Created by Elven Necromancers, these creatures are part dragon, part elf. They sneak up upon the enemy, and explode in a big ball of flame. They have been used many times in wars to destroy walls and breach inner defenses.


These small creatures tend to burrow into rock, leaping out at unsuspecting passer-bys. They are common in frozen areas.

Creatures - GreaterEdit

Terror SkeletonsEdit

Minions of a Terrorlord, these creatures are infused with its power, causing them to gain strength. They normally white bones are blackened like ash, and they can inflict crippling nightmares upon foes that they face. Normally found in Hell Regions, or near Hellgates.

Undead PigmenEdit

A failed race created by the Avatars, these creatures were banished to the Hell Regions, where they began to rot and eventually perished, turning to undead. These beasts travel in groups, and are normally peaceful unless provoked.


These creatures born of metal and fire are found throughout the various fortresses in the Hell Regions. They spew searing flame at their enemies, and are very difficult to hit once they go airborne.

Magma SlimesEdit

If normal slimes weren't bad enough, these fiery cousins of theirs prove to be a much more difficult challenge. Made from the remains of Pigmen and Flame Elementals, these hideous creatures will absorb any enemy they can find, searing and dissolving the body. Keep your distance.

Creatures - LegendaryEdit


These beasts were said to have been born from the void, and their eyes are a dark shade of purple to represent this. Dragons were first tamed by the Magisters, and are now used as a common form of transport. However, there are rumors of a Great Dragon, by the name of Griknor the Ancient, who resides in Icemyst Pass.


Horrible creatures, born from the nightmares of the mortal races, and the magics of the Void. They have three skulls made of blackened bone, which can be launched as explosive strikes, causing nightmares to overtake any caught in the blast. Terrorlords drop soul-shards when they die, and these tend to be sources of great power, and are highly valuable.