"Many people succumb to the various diseases of this land, but that does not mean that they are entirely deadly..."


Ambervein - This disease can form naturally in a persons body, particularly of those with old age. It is said to be created by the Avatar of Earth, who is calling the person back to the ground from which he was originally born. The disease consists of the afflicted persons blood turning as hard as amber, and slowly killing them.

Stoneskin (AKA Great Old) - A disease common in elder Trolls. A disease so foul, it has stayed in Troll blood since their first days. It slowly turns the old Troll ferile again, reaching back to a time where they used to live in caverns in the mountains. Trolls from this age (mainly from the Path of Ash) never went out into the sun, for if they did, they would petrify and turn to stone. If a Troll is killed, they will instantly be afflicted by this disease, as it takes over said Troll's body in the flash of an eye. It is said, a stone with a sword or axe firmly in it, is in actuality a Troll.

Plague (AKA Black Plague, Blackboils) - This is a common sight in the province of Obsidia and the New Lands, this curse is outlandish, as it was carried to Drakeheart on a meteorite, which plummeted into the capital city of Middleton in Obsidia. Nobody knows how it could have spread to the New Lands. A horrid, Master degree Wizard once cast a spell which fumed a piece of Plague into a capsule, and spread it onto a litter of bats, which turned ferile and bloodthirsty, and set them free. Now the most common infliction of this disease is bat-bite. There is no cure for this plague, and those who have it will die in a matter of days.

Blood Rot - This disease is a small one, and can be treated fairly easily. All it requires the bright red herb, Dragon's Blood, commonly found in moist forests and swamps. The disease itself causes the heart to slowly stop pumping blood, and the existing blood will mortify and become hardened or stale, hence 'Rot'.

Culminus Orignadum - This strange disease was found when an alchemist, Culminus Origna, accidentally mixed some of his potions wrong. He named it after himself, shortly before he perished. The disease causes one's heart and blood veins to shrivel, in which case one will perish shortly there after.

Daemoc Combusticus - This disease is one of the dread realm, the Nether. A rare plant in this place can inject it's victims with a venom, which then transforms into this disease in the victim's body. The person afflicted by this will turn red over a week or so and start feeling queezy and without possibility to flatulate. After two weeks or so, he or she will then combust, burning up, creating a nasty smell of fumigated old meat. The end result is a red-tinted, dry ash. The only cure for this is pure, smelted ice water, chizzled from any Icemyst Pass lake or river.

Limb Rot - This disease entails exactly what the name says. It involves the rotting of limbs, and can be inflicted upon a victim after spending time in unclean areas, such as a sewer or an ogres filth pit. The only cure is to rub a poultice of crushed Merry onto the affected area, a rare herb found only in Engvik.

Zerven's Plague - This was created by a rogue necromancer, Zerven Foulmist. This is one of the more 'noticeable' disease, but also one of the most contagious, like the Plague. A cloud of putrid acid erupts from boils on the afflicted ones skin, eating through their body, and the bodies of others around them. There is no cure, as those who attempt to try end up afflicted, and turn into nothing more than a pile of bubbling goop. But, the curse does not end there... Once it has finished it's first stage, and the person is a pile of rotting ooze, the disease fully takes over it's now diseased host, and turns the puddle of goop into what we call slimes.


Astaik Mortol - This curse will drive a person insane. It is recorded in the Great Book only because of it's importance to those who know any afflicted by it. It is not to be used under any circumstances.

Blood Bane - This curse turns the persons blood against him, as it rushes out of one's body through the mouth and turns into a giant glob of crimson colored slime. The glob then proceed to 'devour' the body, absorbing all there is of the person.

Shalakrak - This simple curse will snap a bone in a persons body. What bone is broken is descided by the strength of the curse.

Saguinus Vampyrus - This 'curse' is an important one, as it can kill villages. It is contracted on nights when a blood moon shines. Any person injured on a blood moon has a chance of contracting this curse, and it's effects are not pleasant... The person transforms into a monster hellbent on the consumption of blood. It uses fire to it's advantage, but is weakened in frosty areas. A known account of a Vampyr was in the capital of Middleton. The city was infested by a rather strong one after the meteorite crashed, and many people fell prey to it. The creatures can be killed with magical or Avatar-holy artifacts, such as a sword made of enchanted wood or silver. The only cure to this curse is a mixture of several rare ingredients, kept secret by the Magisters.

Lycanus Articulus - This curse is another important one. The contraction of this curse lies within combat; once a person is bitten, or even scratched by one with Lycanthropia their body instantly begins slowly becoming infected with this curse seeping through their soul and body. This either leads to death, or full infection of the curse. In this case, medical methods have availed no cure, and only after the first transformation has taken place may the cure be ingested and work. The cure is what is known as 'Wolvesbane' by many believers of myth and legend, and grows only in states of harshness and death - namely deserts. After the first week of contracting the curse, the individual will show clear signs of having the curse; they will eat meat ferociously, and deny anything besides meat, their teeth and nails will sharpen - not grow especially long - significantly to adapt to the person's new dietary requirements. After these mutations have occurred, the following full moon the individual will go through agony for the better half of an hour, their body not used to the intense transformation they are going through. Once this stage has ended, they are transformed into a horrible creature that looks like a wolf and man crossbreed, has no control, and will mindlessly consume and destroy anything in it's path that it can. This will happen for a minimum of another 3 times, before the individual learns to weakly control the being they become; their control will strengthen over time, however. Eventually, after months of being like this, they gain a third form; one of a great direwolf, which they can use for evil, or for good, at any time they wish. A common misconception of this however is that the person can become what they do on the full moon. However, the person in this state only attains the physical capabilities of a direwolf albeight direwolves are powerful beasts, they aren't more powerful than a fully transformed Lycan, and with intelligence of sorts to boot. Many people are against the idea of man becoming part wolf, as in this form, especially a young Lycan (In terms of length of age as a Lycan). They are particularly destructive and uncontrollable. However, if an individual possesses an exceptional will of mind, they can easily control both forms reasonably well, and in rare cases even speak the tongue of man while in their mutated forms. Lycans both have upped physical strength and speed, in and out of transformations. They also have a built up resistance to many forms of physical attacks, weaker, blunter swords may not even pierce the skin of a full form Lycan, and projectiles may hardly penetrate at all; despite this, their main weakness is the scarce weaponry crafted of Avatars (Highly enchanted swords, or powerful quest items). Lycans have also been known to have exceptionally impressive allegiance to their clan - the vein of the curses passed down from one individual (An example of this being the Portside Clan - Originated before Maund in his family, and members of the clan involve Cirwen, Lance, etc.) and they appear to indirectly learn from their higher-ups in the hierarchy of a clan of hunting, attitudes they should use and such. Many Lycans however break away from their clan, or are mere victims of a roadside assault where they have been left to die, these are known and Rogue Lycans, and may go on to create their own clan, stay lonesome or join another clan as a lesser member. Each Lycan has an incredibly sensitive sense of smell, and each has his/her own distinct scent, which can easily be indentified by either said Lycans master, or anyone who spends enough time with said Lycan, thus making running away from Lycans near impossible, as it is very easy to track someone down, if the Lycan has the urge to.