"The provinces of Drakeheart are unique, and dangerous..."

Drakehearts Provinces:Edit

Icemyst PassEdit

This small province resides alone in the most norther part of the Mainland. The first Hundredfold Dwarves once came from this province, and later populated the rest of the Mainland. As such, this province is mostly populated by Dwarves. The land is covered in deep gorges and large jagged mountains that spear the clouds above. Like it's name, a chilly mist always covers this province. It is home to Giant Spiders, Ice Golems and also Barbaric Humans.


This is one of the northern provinces of the Mainland and also the safest. To it's north is the Stonewall, a tall, impassible landmass that can only be climbed through the Iron Pass. It is mostly covered by plains that are scattered around. The plains are used for farming and are mostly covered by forests. The main races that live here are Humans. A variety of peaceful creatures live here, such as Cows, Sheep, Chickens and Pigs. There are also Wood Wolves, which are peaceful unless provoked.

The WastesEdit

Residing in the west Mainland, this province was believed once to be the home of the first Trolls, before they settled along the coast. It is also bordered to the north by the Stonewall, as Engvik is. Now it stands as a barren, dry land filled with rock and harsh wind. The people here are hard and tough like the land they live on, and always adept survivalists. They are called the Wastelanders. Wigworms thrive in this region due to the surpluss amount of rocks, which is part of their diet. The Wastelanders make due by hunting these creatures, as well as herding cattle.

Whispering GladesEdit

In stark contrast to the western Wastes, the eastern Whispering Glades is a large, lush forest, covered in tall tree plains, tall hillside mountains and deep, temperate jungle gourges. This province is bordered by the Stonewall to the north, and is also home to one of the few ways to traverse the Stonewall, the Iron Pass. It is the guarded homeland of the Elves, and it is said the trees themselves come alive when called by an Elf.


This province is in the middle of the Mainland. This land used to be rolling plains and farmland. It is now little more than a volcanic wasteland of ash and rock, caused by a meteorite that fell on the city of Middleton. The land used to be the homeland of the Humans, but they were forced to leave when the meteorite hit. The border of Obsidia is lined with a large wooden wall that keeps the dangerous denizens out. The center of the wall was recently destroyed by a horde of Venomspitters, a horrible mix between Wraith and Spider. Creatures such as Wraiths, Risen Dead and Skeletal Archers roam the devastated landscape in search of things to destroy. The province is one that should be avoided at all costs.


A southern-laying region of the Mainland. This ancient province is where the first Humans are believed to have first embarked on a sea-born journey, taking them from the Mainland to the New Lands. The land itself is covered in tall mountains, with long rivers running all the way down to the sea. Several glacier-cut gourges filled with water, called fjords, encompass along the coast of the province.

Sunset IslesEdit

This group of islands resides in the south-east parts of the Mainland. The group is made up of four large main islands, and some smaller islands around them. The largest island, Kingshill is the heart of the island group with its city, people and docks. The two other main islands, Brightmore Island and Shipwreck Cove are used in farming, hunting and woodcutting. The dagger-shaped island and the numerous small islands are called The Dagger Islands. They are absolutely covered in jungle with Goblin encampments here and there, and ruins of ancient civilizations covered in thick, impenetrable jungle. There is also a volcanic island, named Earthfire Mountain. Locals believe that the Avatar of Earth came out of the volcano, and that the three main islands are the Avatar's footsteps.

Outlaying ProvincesEdit

The DrakelandsEdit

This once great land was located to the north-east of Icemyst Pass and was home to the Drakeheart Crystal, as well as many colonies of dragons. Less than 40 years ago it was assaulted by the armies of Lord Selkris, a mortal form of the Avatar of Darkness. The armies besieged the land and claimed it as their own. Outraged, the remaining sane Avatars discussed in their home of Aelgard of what to do. The result was to destroy the province, and so it was done. Rocks shining with light rained down across the corrupted province, and sent it crumbling into the ocean. The Avatar of Darkness was defeated by 4 brave adventurers during this time, and the Drakeheart Crystal was destroyed, severing the link between the mystical realms forever.

The New LandsEdit

This area was discovered by an old Avatarian portal. It resides far off the eastern coast of the Mainland, and is a mix between tundras, forests and plains. This land is where many refugees from the Drakelands fled after the Fleet of the Damned destroyed the towns there. The main creatures here are Dragons, Wigworms, Wood Wolves, Arctic Wolves and Rock Golems.