The following is what is known of the Ranger Coalition; much is lost due to infighting and civil wars; also included is a list of current Rangers.

Dunedain by Duskbat

A Ranger of the Drakelands.

A HistoryEdit

In the seventh year of the blood age not long after the Blackbone Talgeter successfully united all the races under the same banner and trades began to become up and running, a series of violent border clashes threatened the already teetering stability of the young world. The kingdom of man solves its own problem by forming an elite task force originally entitled The Clan. These men were hand picked by the king of men as the strongest bravest, intelligent fighters there were and so were placed strategically along the borders. It aided in keeping things stable, at least for a while. In the following years, this same task force holds at bay the rebelling clockworks when they attempt an invasion on the kingdom of men. In the forty seventh year of the blood age the force had become a Coalition of well trained, weatherworn men famed for their prowess and mystery.

A Name for Themselves

When the Trolls surrendered, and peace is threatened yet again, a dwarf by the name of Bjorn Thorulfson suggests at a meeting when the matter is brought to question that they adopt the stance man had taken years ago. Develop a team of men who may act above any city guard or foot soldier; a free thinking, quick to act, and well trained man who can stop things before they happen and aid in more ways than simply taking orders and charging blindly. At this the Coalition was present and they welcomed the idea of expanding their brotherhood. And so, from the provinces the best of all candidates were picked. Strong not only in body but in mind and soul, the Coalition and its members were renamed Rangers, as they were scattered across a great range of land, and constantly in the line of duty, free to roam and solve what problems they could, not tied down to shits and cities. In the coming years their legends grew after word spread of their deeds and the romantic mystery of these grim men spread and touched the hearts of all they protected.

Joining The Ranks

When a man is deemed fit by the lords and magistrate of his abode that he would make a valuable asset to the Ranger Coalition, he is inducted, and trained in their mysterious ways. He joins their ranks, their brotherhood, and together they keep the world balanced and at peace.

~The Ranger's Oath and Code~

I swear upon the stars and sky to protect any and all I can.

I swear upon my father and his father to abide by the code, for better or worse.

I swear upon all that is good in the world to uphold the oath and code until it is my time to be wrapped in death's embrace.

Rules and Traditions

Traditionally, upon being inducted into the Clan a Ranger would remove his ring finger in front of his Clan brothers so as to solidify his position within the Clan, as Rangers were not allowed to wed. To make a noise or even pull a face was considered weak and to do so would mean immediate banishment. Rangers were permitted to conceive children but any relations with the birth mother were shunned by his brothers and peers. Among other rather barbaric traditions, Rangers annually would hold nude wrestling events, wherein they would be bathed in the placenta fluids of a wolf so as to further the brotherly bond between them as to them it mimicked birth. The Rangers follow a code that has been slightly modified for today's needs and acceptable policies. Justice was in the eye of the beholder for a long time until the magistrate were able to develop a common law. However, ninety five percent of the code remains the same. Thou are permitted to banish man, woman, and child from the lands in which you serve. Thou are permitted to arrest and hold custody of anyone who in your eyes is guilty or at fault. Thou are permitted to execute those who are in your eyes guilty or at fault. Thou shalt not misuse the power invested within.


In the early days of the Ranger Coaliton, they wore somewhat of a uniform so as to set them selves apart from any other lawman and to add to their mysterious aura. Always hooded, wearing drab woolen cloaks, following a strict code, and dictated fiercely by the ideals of brotherhood and kinship, the Rangers of today are much more liberal than their blood age ancestors.

Change and MigrationEdit

In the last days of the Blood Age, civil conflicts within the Coalition saw a mass deserting from the original code followers who had refused to accept the altered code, which removed the ban on marriage, the removing of the ring finger, and several ways and traditions that had been honoured for decades. The ones who wished for the Rangers to remain the same fled north, far north, into Icemyst, reforming under the name of Forsdae Ranger Clan, in honour of the valley in which they settled. Further infighting and civil disputes saw them mostly destroyed, though there are whispers of some whom remain true to the original code dwelling in the mountains. Their entire subculture at one point was based on the idea that though they may have been delivered from different mothers, they were brothers. The civil war that saw the desertion of the Clan Rangers threatened them greatly, but they survived and adapted to the changes of modernisation that came with the metal age. Although their culture was slowly lost due to modernisation, the elements remain buried deep within every Ranger . . . the desire for justice, and the companionship and brotherhood of the order. 

Branching OutEdit

Sometime after the Forsdae Civil Conflict, during the beginning of our own age, when numbers whe and hopes were grim, race other than man began to slowly join the brotherhood. One of the greatest issues the Forsdae Clan had had with the new code was it allowed other races into the brotherhood, which they did not agree with as it had been a guild of men for centuries. The first new members were dwarves, and after they'd completed their training they returned back to Icemyst Pass, where they stood guard over their kingdom. Then came the elves, who did the same thing, and eventually, every race had its own brotherhood tree, linked back to the original clan through training roots. Eventually these men developed their own cultures of Rangerhood within their provinces, and mankind's Ranger's grew again to stable numbers, once again returning to its mystical glory and protecting the borders and townships of their respective kingdoms.

Skills and Original ActionsEdit

While becoming a Ranger leaves much of the responsibility of how and when the brother in question uses his skill, all Rangers were trained in the art of stealth, swordplay, archery, and survival. The original force, known as the Clan, consisted of a few dozen men who simply lived in the woods that bordered the kingdoms of men, killing anyone who posed a threat before they could do harm. They would live for months at a time off the land by themselves, with their prey for company.