In The Beginning

there was a single being. It was known to itself only as The Great One. It alone molded Earth, it's bellows blew the Winds, it's tears filled every ocean with Water and sat alight all Fire with it's breath. It created each and every realm as an image of itself -- never ending and beautiful, timeless and eternal. Æither of Air, Nether of Fire, and the Overworld of Earth and of Water. It's first thoughts evolved the first Avatars, spirits of each realm. The first being the Avatar of Earth, a giant who could form mountains and plains at will. The second was the Avatar of the Seas, a gigantic serpent, tasked with filling the hollow bowl left by the Avatar of Earth with oceans that surround the land. Once the Earth and Water had been complete, the two Avatars went into a deep slumber beneath Jarnatop, tallest, oldest and strongest of all mountains in all of Drakeland.

The Great OneEdit

then created the Avatars of Life, the founders of the many races today. The first was the Avatar of Runes, later worshipped as a Dwarven God, tasked with building the many Bastions, and forming the Dwarven race from stone. Next, was the Avatar of Magic, the Elf-worshipped God, who was tasked with the creation and control of Elves and many other forms of magic, like Troll Voodoo. Third was the Avatar of Peace, depicted as a caring Troll, and he was tasked with the unity of all races, and the creation of the first Troll Chieftain out of wet clay. Next, the Avatar of War, itself forged from black tar and the Fire element. The Orc-worshipped God was made as the counter to the Troll God. He was the harbinger of war and struck fire in the hearts of all races and beings. Next, the Avatar of Mercantile, shown as a Human in ragged robes in most depictions, carrying a coin-purse. He was tasked with the trade between all races. The Mercantile Avater quickly became the favourite of the other Avatars. There was also the creation of an accidental Avatar, the Avatar of Wicca. This Avatar was confused as to what itself was, and created the Goblin race in return -- a mix between Orc, Troll and Dwarf, they were horrid creatures who fled to the darkest caves they could find, after first being created from Earth and Water. The Avatar of Wicca and it's loyal Goblins gave the land where they lived a name; Drakenlandirr.


resided over the lands for many years, until the Great One sensed the corruption seeping in from the realm of the Void. He created one last Avatar to stop this. The Avatar of Forgetfulness, tasked with keeping the Void and Overworld apart. It was sent to a realm of it's own in the heart of the Void, known as The End. Surrounding The End was the Nether, a hellish dimension of flames and corruption, where the souls of men were sent when they died. So, once more, the world fell into peace and unity, only to be broken by the constant warring between the Orcs and Humans.

A Hundred YearsEdit

after the fighting first started, the Orcs amassed an army of 10,000 Orcish warriors, intent on wiping out the Human race. The Human capital was the first target, and fell after a giant battle, ensuing for a year. Unbeknownst to anyone, the Avatar of Forgetfulness had become corrupted due to energies found in the Void. He opened a large gate outside the capital, and machines of giant proportions slowly made their way out. The Orcs and Humans turned their attention towards the machines, and armies of demon-kin created by the Avatar of Forgetfulness now poured out into the Overworld. The machines spew fire across the battlefield, and into the streets of the capital. The Humans, knowing that they would lose, fled to their ships, and began crossing the vast oceans of their coast, clinging to the hope of finding new lands.

The Avatar of the SeasEdit

had awoken once again to see what was happening, due to the ruckas of the war above. It found the remnants of the Human race crossing the ocean, and decided to give them safe passage. The Orcs, who were still at the waygate back in the Human lands, decided they should retreat as well, and so they tried crossing the ocean, pursuing the Humans. They made it halfway when the Avatar of the Seas deemed them unworthy to cross, due to their lust for war. Giant waves crashed upon their poorly built ships, and they were washed towards an old island, in the middle of the vast ocean. Afterwards, the Avatar traveled to the shores of the capital, and was saddened by the gate, knowing that it was the Avatar of Forgetfulness who had made it. Using it's last vestiges of strength, the Avatar of Seas launched out of the ocean, and smashed through the waygate, separating half of the machines in the Nether, and half in the Overworld. That day, the Avatar of the Seas perished beneath the mighty waves it had once called home.

After The HumansEdit

Orcs left the continent, chaos spread among the land. The Elven practitioners of foul magics like Necromancy, an act of raising the dead from their sleep. They had delved too far into ancient records, and uncovered a powerful evil. This Abomination was unleashed upon the world, killing it's creators first, to ensure nothing could stand in it's way. The Dwarves were the first to take up arms, charging into the fray to destroy the Abomination. Unfortunately, they had to pull out as bands of Goblin Warlords were attacking their mighty Bastions while they were away. This left the last races on the continent, the Trolls and the last of the remaining Elves, to fight the Abomination. Both sides suffered many losses, but eventually, the Trolls had to pull out, like the Dwarves before them. They sailed to the island where the Orcs now made their home, and were accepted almost instantly, due to their similar appearance. The Elves on the other hand, were almost wiped out. An elite group of priests, the Sondaril, cast a combined magical spell so powerful, that the Abomination and it’s followers were instantly destroyed. Yet this spell had the opposite effect on their homelands. Instead of purging evil, it began to flourish. Corruption once more spread into the continent and it was soon taken under the control of the self-proclaimed Necromancer Lord, Selkris.

The HumansEdit

had settled on the other side of the world, after many months of travel at sea. They began building up settlements in the honour of those who had perished before they left. After many, many, many years, an aspiring Human and his Dwarf compadre sailed back and settled in the Drakelands once again. This is where the tale of the Drakeheart picks up, for the two uncovered the last Human Bastion that was left after the war. There they went their seperate ways, the Human continued to travel and his Dwarven friend stayed behind, with only his unfinished book and ink and a handful of bread. This is where the first written history began, year 212…