A timeline of prodominent events in the Drakelands.


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Year | Event

266 | [Current year] A regiment of knights from the far away kingdom of Tynnir landed on the shores of Engvik and besiged Brimm, taking it within a few hours. With them they stole several Adventurers, and meant to ship them to their land by boat. Shortly after, on the open seas, the Tynnirian boats are captured by pirates from Calarh, the city of mages, and the Adventurers are brought there. After toppling the regime of the magi of Calarh, the Adventurers escape by capturing a vessil in Calarh's harbour and set sail for Engvik.

265 | Following the Pure-Accursed war calamity, Engvik settled in peace for many suns and moons. But not long after the 30th moon had passed, the Undead warmongering Lord Selkris returned, as ruler of a vast Undead and Demonic army. He was toppled shortly after his armies were slain in battle by the Adventurers.

264 | The non-infected of either werewolf and vampire curses form "the Pure", a resistance fighting both sides of the war, but they are met with heavy losses. They are however able to hold land easier than the two waring clans, since they have a larger standing force. After one final battle, the Pure won and scattered the clans, and later dissolved.

263 | The Adventurers find themselves once again populating a province. This time it has been long abandoned by it's previous inhabitants. Without knowing why they left, the Adventurers settled in almost all of Engvik. Many towns are built, and Counts are elected. Magisters are newly elected in times of need. An evil warlock named Malagar envelops the newly discovered province in turmoil, summoning a great evil of the deep. Half a year passes without anyone able to stop Malagar. He is finally beat during a massive bombardment of his fortress by the Coalition. War breaks loose between vampires and werewolves towards the end of the year, and those not infected by either curse are caught in the middle.

262 | Cartographers find new ways to more easily treat paper used for maps. An old prophecy comes back and is revealed to be very relative. A new Lord is annouced into the Lordhood, previous Ranger Maund Portside was crowned at Farkraven Hold. Disease spreads through the New Lands once again. Several towns become infected, and make the townspeople ravenous and sick. After the great Florin and new Farkraven falls, the last resistance find hope in Oakwood's armory, and make one last stand against the plaguebearers one last time there. The battle is dubbed "The Battle of Oakwood". The battle was able to subdue the plaguebearers long enough for the Adventurers' planned airship travel to commence, back to the Mainland. Their ships are however taken by a huge storm, and most ships crash in the province of Engvik in the Mainland. Having traveled a month prior, the Magister ships arrive safely in Engvik, only to find most townspeople either mute or missing. Engvik's capital of Brimm was abandoned until Magister Wolf Talgeter and Grunt Rygbrok took claim over it. Now they are ushering in a new peace over Engvik.

261 | Natives emerge and war breaks loose between new settlers and natives. Captured barbarian smiths show settler smiths how to forge more advanced weaponry, the cradle of "flintlock" weapons. Invented by combining barbarian knowledge of gunpowder with fine settler metals. New generation of flintlock warfare is waged against the natives. Natives are defeated by the settlers. An ancient evil is awakened deep underneath a temple, by the barbarian leader, Kvarn. War rages across the New Land villages. The last barbarian force is defeated on a hill near Oakwood, dubbed "Victory Hill". An arena is erected outside Oakwood.

260 | Vampire and Lycan diseases erupt. Vampires are quickly but inefficiently dealt with, spending vast Emerald amounts buying military. Brunt of Vampire forces desimated in large-scale assaults on lairs. Several lairs rooted out using hunter-tracker tactics. Few remain hidden but unable to further their disease due to extensive vaccines spread into town water supplies.

259 | The New Lands take form under the sweat and blood of everyone who made it through the Drakelands portal, and newcoming travelers. Oakwood is declared a City. Town of Florin founded, later moved and declared a City. Mysterious accounts of blood-offering sacrifices form across the New Lands, cultists found to be culprits, intentions unknown. Inteligent metal-men powered by steam and redstone constructed by unknown engineer, and make their way to the New Lands.

258 | The town of Oakwood is founded, bringing with it industry, machines, and the return of the Clockworks, now reworked with independant thought by an unknown engineer.

Blood Age

258 | The moons of Drakeheart align, and a portal is opened to The New Lands. Vaagdal is attacked while people enter it, but the siege is repelled by a group of brave Adventurers.

238 | The Undead armies band together to form the Fleet of the Damned. They are lead by Admiral Maltias, who usurped the original Admiral, Reginald Trosh. The Drakelands are sieged for 20 years.

237 | The Dwarf city of Whurhak is discovered. The Elves also build the city of Valinrok.

235 | The College of Magic is founded near Riverpoint. The town itself is expanded and many people flock to the Drakelands.

234 | The Avatar of Darkness returns, but it slain by a group of brave heroes. King Selkris perishes with the great beast, bringing an age of peace once again.

223 | The Undead King, Selkris, wages war upon the denizens of the Drakelands. Many battles ensue.

217 | Several towns are founded in the Drakelands, including Bragd, Riverpoint and Vaagdal.

213 | The first sighting of a Dragon is recorded. It is thought of being the child of The Great One. Several settlements are burnt, and a group of warriors sets out to tame the creatures.

197 | The final bastion is completed, and the Human King, Augustus Borgia, ushers in an age of peace and prosperity by using the power of the Crystal.

176 | The Drakeheart Crystal is uncovered by a Dwarf excavation team. They then begin the task of building 7 bastions to focus it's power in a hope to win against the demons.

141 | Daleund falls to the demon horde, and the Humans flee to safer lands on their ships. The Dwarfs return to their remaining holds, and the Elves return in secret to their secluded vales and forests.

139 | A strange warp gate open near the city, and demonic forces led by the Undead King Selkris, taking the other armies by surprise.

137 | The city is breached, but the initial force is repelled by the Human, Dwarf and Elf defenders.

135 | Gurnok Bloodbringer bands the Troll clans together once more, and leads a siege upon Daleund.

76 | The new Human capital of Daleund is completed. Once again, an age of peace falls upon the lands.

47 | Chieftain Blackbone is assassinated by one of his two sons, stopping the Troll forces, who become peaceful without a ferocious leader. The Troll forces surrender.

15 | The Clockwork forces rebel against the Trolls, stopping the siege on the Human kingdoms.

11 | The kingdom of Aval'arin situated in the central part of Drakeheart, is crushed by the Troll armies. The Human resistance is shattered here.

7 | Chieftain Blackbone Talgeter, leader of the Troll Clans, unites all races under the same banner, after continous victories.

4 | The Dwarf capital and many other holds, fall to the horde of Clockworks. The battles are known as The Clockwork Wars. The surviving Dwarfs go into hiding.

2 | The Clockworks joins the side of the Trolls. Together they prepare to siege Bel'Gun.

1 | A Troll warband, The Grimskulls, march upon Bel'Gun. The city holds out, but many Dwarfs are slain defending the gates.

0 | The creation of the Great Book marks the beginning of a new age. All information is recorded in this tome by the esteemed Dwarf, Bjorn Thorulfson.

Exploration Age

-0011 | The Clockworks join the Alliance Pact.

-0012 | The Dwarfs and Elves join the Humans in the Alliance Pact.

-0015 | The Troll Warchief, Urmak Bloodbringer, unites the east-coast Troll settlements together, and wages war upon the Humans.

-0139 | The lands of Drakeheart return to a fragile peace. Trade resumes between the Dwarfs and the Humans.

-0152 | The Great War of Sunset. The Human kingdom of Camelon is sieged and destroyed by hordes of Undead warrior-castes.

-0176 | A new High King, Dorin Thorulfson, is elected in the Dwarf capital of Bel'Gun.

-0240 | The Dwarf High King, Belug Thorulfson, is assassinated in his own bedchamber. This sparks a civil war amongst the Dwarven race over who will take the throne.

-0267 | The Human kingdom of Camelon is created on the Sunset Isles.

-0345 | Trade grows as the races learn to communicate using a single language with each other. This language was known as Tungsleip, or Old Dwarven today. The current language, Dwarven, is a diversion from this old tongue. There is speculation of other languages, but Old Dwarven is the most popular.

-0513 | The races settle in all of Drakeheart's provinces.

-0516 | Humans who have died an unfair death rise from their graves, still able to think and feel, even if they have been long dead. They become known as the Un-Death, or Undead.

-0546 | Metal Human-like creatures are forged in the bowels of the earth by the Avatar of War's smelters to wage war against the other races to enslave them as his servants. The machines are cooled after they reach the surface, becoming iron statues. Some of them remain heated, over time magically enchanted, allowing them to feel and think. They become the Clockworks.

-0547 | Humans are crafted by the Avatar of Water, giving life to men-shaped sticks strewn on the earth.

-0548 | The first Elv High Kings and Troll Chieftains are moulded from clay and mud respectedly, in the image of the Avatar of Magic, appealing to it's two different sides, destruction and recreation.

-0549 | One hundred bedrock Dwarves are chiseled by the lesser Avatar of Stone. They are known as the Hundredfold, and wrote many journals about their travels throught the land and their sovreign over all.

First Age

-1676 | The world known as Drakeheart is complete. The rest of the lesser Avatars are created over the next 1000 years, each given their own task by The Great One. Mighty weapons are forged by the Avatars of Smithing, Crafting and Magic through these ages. Not much is know about the next 1000 years.

-1749 | The Avatar of Magic is created. The Avatar of Magic's great bellows blew magic throughout the universe, giving all it touched the Essence. (This Essence would later be harnessed first by Humans and later the other races through spells.) The Avatars are laid to rest in different parts of the world, preserving their souls in a giant crystal formation named the Drake's Heart. (AKA Drakaharth, Dragunbeat, Drakeheart Crystal.)

-1768 | The third Avatar is created; The Avatar of Runes. He is tasked with the creation of the many stars in the universe.

-1850 | Creation of the first Avatars; The Avatar of Earth, and the Avatar of Water. These creatures are tasked with the creation of the realms.

-2000 | The universe is created by The Great One in a storm of light and chaos. It will come to be called The Lifedawn.